Last weekend, I was fortunate enough to get to log some hours with my ‘rents, sister, and my wannabe ‘rents – THE CONNOLLYS! For anyone who doesn’t know: the Connollys live right next to us in STL. Our families met because Oz & Quin Connolly grew up together while going to Scott Gallagher soccer practices […]


She *Was* Back!

Well it has almost been a month so I guess it’s time to finally get this blog post up… As most of you may know by now, while Maggie was here at the beginning of the month, the transmission supports underneath my 1999 Jeep Wrangler completely rusted out. This left a half up/ half down […]

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Baseball’s Back Babyyy!

I debated about wrapping this post into this coming weekend’s post (the Magster arrives tomorrow morning) but, I decided that post will probably get pretty lengthy as we’re planning on heading to D.C. on Friday. So here goes: Last Friday after work, the roommate, two other new hires, and I all rallied and went to […]

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We’re Back Baby!

Well I guess technically it’s just me, Haley, still – but Mags is returning to the Charm City end of April! Back in early March, myself and the “regular crew” went to the Wisp Ski Resort in McHenry, MD. McHenry is roughly 3 hours west of Baltimore. I was surprised by how much I loved […]

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GREYHOUNDS in the Charm City

Last weekend I was able to trick Maggie and our good hometown friend, Dena, into visiting me in Baltimore. So you know the drill – we ate and drank our way through B’more for 3 whole days! On Friday morning, we walked to Pitango (are you tried of reading about the same thing yet?!) for […]

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MOM + DAD in the Charm City

Last weekend, my Mom + Dad visited B’more – their second time in the Charm City (their first visit was when they graciously helped me move into my new digs this past July). By now, the readers of this blog should know – when I have visitors: we have a packed, hour by hour itinerary. […]

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This past weekend was another 9/80 – or 3 day weekend, for team NG! Jess’ college roommate, Brandy, was in town visiting – so I flew solo! On Friday I – surprise! – walked along the Inner Harbor and took myself out for a Thai wrap. I went to Mayuree Thai hoping to order a […]


A Coddie For Haley

I’m back! Last weekend, I journeyed home to STL to attend a “Covid wedding” – for Maggie’s Mizzou roomie – someone who has always allowed me to tag-along to Mizzou football games, homecomings, “Bachelor” viewing nights etc. with open arms! Her wedding was no different! 🙂 Thanks, Kristen! This weekend, I crossed a few more […]

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