Flags N’ Crabs!

Jess and I kicked off this weekend with beers and appetizers at Mr. Pickle’s Pub – located right across the street from Camden Stadium.  On Friday evening, we were able to watch the Orioles’ game on both the bar T.V.s and through the stadium fence with the other Pathways engineers.  While Jess and I were walking back to our apartment (we’re just two blocks away from the stadium!), we almost got hit by two foul balls!  Are you drooling yet, Henry and Oz?


On Saturday morning, I got brunch at The Charles with the niece of one of my mom’s book club pals.  She is super cool – on scholarship with the U.S. Air Force for dental school … and she’s the V.P. of her dental school class.  Now that’d be a blog I’d wanna read!


Afterwards, I went to tour the Star Spangled Banner Flag House – the house where Mary Pickersgill sewed the flag that inspired Francis Scott Key to write the poem that became our National Anthem (AKA the flag that flew above Fort McHenry).


From the tour, I learned that Mary likely lost money on the infamous project.  She was paid about $10,000 in today’s currency, but she had to order yards of expensive, imported English wool to complete the job.  I also learned that we owe a big thank you to the family of George Armistead (the commander of Fort McHenry who was gifted the Star Spangled Banner).  His family’s diligence, after his passing, in caring for the famous banner is the reason we still have it today – over 200 years after the Battle of Baltimore.


I felt like a Kardashian while visiting the Flag House – no one was touring besides me this past Saturday afternoon.  The docent unlocked the “old house” (Mary’s House) for just me and pointed out a few replica artifacts that weren’t included in the audio tour.  One artifact that I found particularly interesting were the floor mats.  In the 1800s, women in port cities, like Baltimore, would take discarded canvas ship sails and paint designs on them to turn them into floor mats.  Imagine if these women had access to Pinterest!  The recycled canvas mats were considerably cheaper than their woven fabric counterparts.

After touring the Flag House, I went to an Italian bakery – Vaccaro’s.  The Flag House is located in the heart of the Little Italy neighborhood so naturally I couldn’t resist the temptation!

Although the iced coffee and chocolate-dipped walnut biscottis were delicious – drinking a large coffee at 4PM in the afternoon was probably not the best idea.  I was up all night.  Next time, I will definitely remember to order decaf, Grandma Z!


On Sunday, Jess and I finally got our first taste of Maryland’s seafood!  We went to L.P. Steamers for crabs and – what I think was – my first ever oyster!?  Mom and Dad can I get a confirmation on this?!


Crabs are a lot of work to open – but when you finally get to the meat, they’re mighty good!  As for the oysters, I didn’t mind the texture one bit!  In fact, if you put lemon juice, horseradish, and cocktail sauce on them; you can’t hardly tell that you’re not eating a shrimp!  Thank goodness! 🙂


Speaking of shrimp, the half pound of old bay-seasoned and steamed shrimp, that I ordered, quickly disappeared.  I should’ve gotten a whole pound!  And, the homemade coleslaw wasn’t bad either!

Well, Jess and I can finally say that we’ve officially done a crab boil on a brown paper tablecloth with mallets, bibs … and the whole nine yards.  At almost a month, it was high time we did it right!?

More Maryland bucket list items are a-coming!






2 thoughts on “Flags N’ Crabs!

  1. So…you can shag foul balls…what if they “hit one out of the park”?

    The food on the brunch post looked wonderful. The crab looked good, too.

    I’m getting it now that you are living in a very good location and that you are making the most of it.

    Good job on the blog.


  2. Italian bakeries must all look similar!
    Did they have amaretto cookies?

    Was that crab dip with the bread?

    So glad you are getting out and enjoying Baltimore. Can’t wait for my personal tour.


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