Sacré Bleu!

We summited!

On Wednesday we went all the way – 276 meters! up to the third deck of the Effiel Tower.

We waited in line for a very long 3 hours.  We each drank a Heineken, split a soft pretzel, and took turns going to a secret men’s bathroom…sorry “hommes” of France but when we femmes gotta go we gotta go! 🙂

We think the lines were incredibly long due to a national holiday – the day of the Assumption (Aug.15th).  We were reminded that the day of the Assumption is when the Virgin Mary went up to heaven.  And as a result, much of France got the day off of work and our favorite bakery, Utopie, was closed.

No, that’s not a green screen!

**Pro-tip:  When Maggie went up in the Effiel Tower in college with her friends, they purchased tickets for a specific time window in advance.  Do this!

Also, alway always always! use the men’s bathroom when in a pinch in a crowded public space.  Especially while you’re in a foreign country – who knows you might just find yourself a beau! 😉  Or if your name is Haley, you’ll find a beau and then pine after his dad…or granddad…or great-granddad.  Haha!

The view from the top! That’s the Seine River to the far right.  And an Olympic soccer field in the center-back (see the Olympic rings on the brown roof?).

And after all that waiting, you better believe we stayed on the tower for a VERY LONG time.  Maggie needed to make the three hours she spent standing in line for tickets with whom she swears is the most impatient person in the world worth it.

The Iron Lady boasted amazing views, an incredible breeze, and exceptional cell service!  Haley was even able to answer our Dad’s phone call about her jeep tires – incroyable!

Excited to summit!

After spending all day in line for the Effiel Tower and enjoying the views from the “summit,” we jumped on another overnight Oui bus back to London.

Haley is going to start a petition for a mandatory, annual Channel Guards and their labrador “sniffer dogs” calendar to be released.  Uniforms optional.  Stay tuned.

We are happy to report that once again our bus actually showed up when it was supposed to and we arrived in London stiff and very tired early this morning!

Stay tuned for our trip stats!

The “Ginger Femmes” of France,






One thought on “Sacré Bleu!

  1. Great photos of the tour. SUCH a beautiful day. Are you SURE it’s not photo shopped?

    Use the men’s toilet? We will want a report on this, along with your perspective of cleanliness his vs. hers.

    The vistas from the summit were “to die for”.

    Keep ’em commng!


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